A MARYPORT estate is being overrun by rats, the town council was told this week.

New councillor George Mitchell said he had never seen as many rats as were on the Ewanrigg estate at the moment.

"I have been building an extension and they were inside it," he said. "You can't shoo them away. There are too many of them."

He said the town council had to take action to rid the estate of the rat problem.

Finance committee chairman Stephen Ashworth said the town council had no responsibility for pest control.

"Residents need to contact environmental health and they will sort it," he said.

Times and Star: Cllr George MitchellCllr George Mitchell (Image: Newsquest)

This is not the first time residents in this area have been plagued by rats.

Hairdresser Paul Glaiste of Bradbury Terrace was bitten on the hand by a rat and needed medical treatment.

Helen Stuart, of Elizabeth Street, and Elizabeth Sewell, of Boyd Street, have both found rats in their bathrooms.