An act of 'mindless vandalism or intended sabotage' would tarnish a festival event held by a Cumbrian rugby club last weekend.

Cockermouth Titans rugby league club celebrated their annual 'Titans Fest' on Saturday, June 24. 

Live music from Gary Jackson, The Rucksacks, Benny, and Devonne Ashton was enjoyed by a large crowd in Cumbria, with a number of local companies providing their support.

However, the club were sadly brought back down to earth the following morning when volunteers arrived to clean up. 

A curtain-sided wagon which was loaned by Lawsons Haulage had been fully slashed down the side, which the club have described as either 'an act of mindless vandalism or intended sabotage.'

Unfortunately, the cost of replacing this wagon will wipe out any profits made during 'Titans Fest' and also put any potential future events in jeopardy.

Cockermouth Titans have suggested that CCTV footage will be reviewed as they look to discover the culprit, but so far no update has been provided on social media.

The club were approached for comment.