OVER the last few years we have appreciated more than ever the work that the National Health Service does across the country, and especially within our county.

There are thousands of people based in the NHS across Cumbria who go the extra mile to support those in hospitals across the county.

The Pride of Cumbria NHS Hero Award, sponsored by NRL, was awarded to West Cumberland Hospital nurse Jade Thursby.

The 32-year-old has taken on the role of ward manager on a busy ward at the Whitehaven hospital and is said to always have people’s best interests at heart, treating all of her patients with kindness and compassion at all times whilst making sure the ward runs to the best of it’s ability, all while having a smile on her face.

She was also commended for always taking time to provide staff with help and advice whenever it is needed.

Jade’s nominator said: “At just 32 years old Jade is a ward manager running a very busy hospital ward. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all patients in her care are treat with kindness and 110% care.

“She manages the ward working on the floor as well as being an outstanding manager with a smile on her face.

“Anything any member of staff asks of Jade it is never a problem – she gives advice or sorts out what staff want even when she is working on the floor looking after patients.

“She is a very approachable, amazing kind caring, compassionate nurse, outstanding manager, always takes time to listen.”

The ward manager was overwhelmed to receive the award and said she was excited to let other staff at the hospital know after receiving many lovely messages commending her on her nomination prior to the ceremony, saying many other staff at the hospital would be ‘chuffed’ to find out she had taken home the prestigious trophy for her efforts.

Jade said: “I’m just so overwhelmed when I was first nominated, I couldn’t believe it, so this sounds really cheesy, but I felt like I had already won and then when I saw the other nominations, they were such lovely nominations.

“ I thought, well, I won’t have won it but it’s just really nice to be nominated.

“People at work will be chuffed to bits because I have had messages all day, just lovely messages saying things like ‘you have already won to us’ and things like that.

“It’s just been really overwhelming.”

The runners up in the category for NHS/Keyworker of the year were funeral director Jill Glencross and Cumberland Infirmary nurse Kerri Slack.