FEARS for the future of Maryport's main Post Office are unfounded, the company says.

Town councillors expressed concern this week that the establishment of a banking hub in the town would erode Post Office services and could eventually lead to its closure.

Maryport has lost all apart from the Cumberland Building Society, and a banking hub will mean representatives of all the main banks will be in town on certain days, thereby bringing a kind of local service back into the town.

But Cllr Stephen Ashworth said the Post Office on the High Street has previously enabled residents to use some banking facilities there. Removing this service may be the first step to taking away more, he said.

Maryport has historically had one of the lowest number of computers per head of population and many are not online.

Former councilor Peter Kendall is one. He said he uses the Post Office for his pension as do many other elderly in the town.

A Post Office spokesman has tried to allay fears, however.

“We would like to assure customers that there are no plans to change the products and services offered at Maryport Post Office.

"The community will also benefit from plans to introduce a new banking hub later this year. A banking hub is where representatives from all the major banks visit on different days.

"Banking hubs and Post Offices successfully co-exist in different communities across the UK.”

The banking hub will be in the old NatWest building on Senhouse Street.