TOWN BOSS Anthony Murray has said he is looking forward to a ‘really good, competitive’ game, as town take on his old side North Wales this weekend.

Town take on North Wales this Sunday, June 16 in Chester in a rearranged game, which was previously cancelled due to North Wales being unable to play in their stadium.

Talking about the match Anthony said: “I think it will be a really good game, they are sixth in the league, and they have been really competitive in the majority of the games, they had a bit of a shaky start at the beginning of the season, but they seem to have picked up some form, so I think it will be a real tough fixture.

“Obviously I spent 19 years there as the coach, it will be nice to catch up with people, but I will be fully going in there trying to get a win.

The game comes on the back of a strong win against Rochdale Hornets at home last weekend, when the Blue and White Army beat the Hornets 40-12.

Anthony said: “We were anticipating a real tough fixture, but we did all the little things really well, which help to go towards getting that victory. Our kicking game was really good, in terms of kick chasing and defending really hard, putting Rochdale under a lot of pressure.

“Hopefully we can carry on that theme and try to do the same to North Wales, but North Wales are a really big physical outfit, they have got Karl Foster who is their player coach, a lot comes through him, he is very experienced, and they have got a decent young squad.

“I have no doubt they will have a very good team out there against us.”

Talking about his first year at town, Anthony said: “I have absolutely loved it, I look forward to coming to every training session, I look forward to coming to every game, I really enjoy working with the coaching staff we have got, I love working with all the volunteers we have got, they give up their time endlessly.

“It’s a club obviously growing off the field as well, what we did for the Logan and Gary fund, and last week a really big weekend, the ladies’ fixture and we have done a lot of community days.

“There are lots of positive things going on around the club, on and off the field, it’s just a positive place to be.

“We are not 100% there yet but there is a real good vibe flowing at the club and it’s great to see the community getting behind the team and things that we are doing within the community.

“It’s just a really fantastic place to be at the moment.”