PUB watch was a favourite in its day - but having a nostalgic look back at what was going on is not going to be easy.

Not one of the actual 'pub watch' photos contains a name or a single detail about the people being photographed.

Did people not want to be named or was it just that our Pub Watch freelance photographer Tom Kay was too besieged by people wanting their photos taken?

It is a bit frustrating, however, as I, and I am sure our readers, would love to know what is going on with the man with the blue t-shirt, bunny ears and big ears and a patch over his eye.

Is it some sort of weird Easter fever dream?

We will try and bring you a nostalgic look back at Pub Watch now and again but I feel if you want any real information you may have to fill in the blanks yourselves!

Of course there is one person who is easily recognisable - the Prince of Wales, now King Charles.

This photo was taken when he came to Cumbria, including Cockermouth, after the devastating 2009 floods by which time Charles had already become a champion of Cumbria.

I started work on the Times & Star in April 2002 and, on my first day, went into Cockermouth to find some stories.

I popped into another Cockermouth pub, the Fletcher Christian, where a group of men told me how terrible the foot and mouth epidemic had been... the thousands of animals slaughtered and tourism shut down completely.

They all agreed on one thing, however - Prince Charles had been the hero of the outbreak. He had supported the county throughout and came on a short break here to show that Cumbria was still open.

Whatever your persuasion, whether Royalist or anarchist, it is comforting to know that our Sovereign knows who we are and where we are and has a fondness for this area that must stand us in good stead in the future.

So we recognise King Charles.

Now all we need to know is who the rest of you are - and especially the man with the funny ears - and before the comics start, we are NOT talking about King Charles!