Together We CIC will be able to make a difference thanks to Community Investment Funding from the Allerdale GDF Community Partnership.

Following the funding from the Allerdale GDF project we have been able to sustain a previous project focussing on the families and young people accessing our services from the area which finished on June 30. This vital project would not have been able to continue without the funding leaving a large number of people without access to services.

"The project aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by providing 1:1 and group work to young people and families in the Allerdale area.

It seeks to address inequalities in the provision of support by providing mental and physical health support access to those left in gap provisions for statutory services and for those who do not seek help from statutory services.

We do this by offering a range of different interventions including talking therapy, emotional regulation strategies, listening services, and mental health learning.

We also aim to address deprivation in terms of employment and so we are pleased to be able to continue our work with the funding and also create a new recovery college post employing a person with lived experience of mental health to deliver courses alongside North Cumbria recovery college.

Chair of the Allerdale GDF Community Partnership, Mary Bradley, said: “The fantastic team at Together We are helping empower people in our community to take control of their own physical and mental health.

"This service is incredibly important to so many local people and the Community Partnership are very proud to be able support their work through Community Investment Funding.”

The Allerdale GDF Community Partnership provides access to £1million Community Investment Funding per year from the GDF developer as discussions progress around whether a Geological Disposal Facility could be right for Allerdale and if Allerdale is the right place for a GDF.

A GDF is a highly engineered facility designed to safely and securely dispose of ‘higher activity’ radioactive waste, deep underground.

Mark Clamp, the clinical lead and Talk Service manager of Together WE CIC said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Allerdale GDF Community Partnership for helping us to provide more young people and families with the opportunity to improve their mental health and their overall wellbeing.”