WHEN walking dogs for up to 10 miles a day began to take a toll on her knees, Michele Mayman decided to move on to her next dream.

That dream is The Three Frogs, opening on in Curzon Street in Maryport next Saturday, August 12.

The name of the new shop has nothing to do with the merchandise Michelle is selling. She will stock clothing 'not available anywhere else in town or nearby', along with accessories and jewellery.

Michelle, 49, from Tallentire, said she originally planned to sell clothing suitable for women 30 to 60 but changed her mind when she found a brand that would appeal to younger people, too.

"I have always dreamed about a dress shop," she said. "I owned my own dog-walking business but it did start to affect my knees so I was looking for something else."

She said she decided to follow her other dream.

"We chose Maryport because of the regeneration that is happening here and because there are no clothing shops in the town.

"We are hoping to provide something new and exciting for people here."

She will be stocking Italian linens, RaggedPriest clothing with Elvis and Kresse bags, Vestopazzo jewellery and more.

And the name, The Three Frogs?

"We were trying to come up with a good name for the shop. We tried everything and nothing worked. My son Miles Dyson suddenly looked at an ornament I have and said three frogs - and so the name was born!"

Michelle said the shop will open on the weekend of the Taste of the Sea Festival.

"We are hoping people will come in and see us," she said.