A man who had to give up music because of arthritis has raised £17,000 for charity by singing and playing his guitar.

Ged Hagan has travelled 3,000 miles around Cumbria and raised the money after discovering a tenor guitar which has four, rather than the normal six strings.

He found his arthritis could cope with that and so a new career began.

The £17,000 has been raised for Hospice at Home West Cumbria - and that comes from the fees he earns for playing in pubs and clubs and the like.

He has also used his wide repertoire to support other charities who have called on him.

Ged, 65, is the retired head of training at Sellafield.

He gave up music years ago because of his arthritis. After finding the tenor guitar, however, he started putting mainly Irish folk songs on a Cleator Moor social media site.

His music took off and he is now playing three or four times a week in venues from Windermere to Carlisle and all over West Cumbria.

Paula Dalling, from The Bush Inn, Cockermouth said: “Ged Hagan is a true gentleman with a huge heart. He is an unsung hero!

"Every time he plays at The Bush Inn he gets a huge response from the crowd and everyone loves him!”.

Ged donates his fees to charit. He said: “I’ve been amazed at the efforts of so many West Cumbrians raising money for local charities.

“I would have loved to have joined Gary McKee on his marathons, but my running days are far behind me now and I don’t think my 25m swimming certificate would get me across any Lakes or Channels!

"So, when thinking about what I might do to raise funds, I thought about how much I enjoy singing and playing guitar.

“I only intended to play at local charity fundraising events but soon I was being asked to play paid gigs in pubs, clubs and bars.

"I decided that it would be a good way of fundraising - I get to do what I love, the venue (hopefully) get what they need, and the charity get a few bob too - everyone’s a winner!”

Holly Harkness, community fundraising co-ordinator for Hospice at Home West Cumbria said: “It is incredible the amount of time and effort he gives so generously to raise funds and to support our charity. A huge thank you to Ged for all he has done over the year.”

Ged said he will continue playing for as long as it is a hobby. If it becomes too much of a job, he might pack it in... but that is not happening yet.