A SEATON boxer has thanked the community for its ‘brilliant’ support as he takes on ‘his biggest fight’ to date this month.

Alfie Poole, who was born in Whitehaven but now lives in Seaton, will take part in a fight for the Scottish Welterweight Title at the Braehead Arena, Glasgow on August 26.

Talking about the fight, Alfie said: “My upcoming fight is my biggest one to date, against a tough experienced Scotsman, Paul Deas.

"This will be my sixth professional fight; I currently have a record of 4-1.

“For me to win this fight will be massive. Not only will this be my first professional title it will potentially open doors for future fights, challenging for bigger and better belts on bigger platforms, bigger shows and massive nights of boxing.

“Not only for myself but a win will also give all my supporters and followers something to celebrate, as I feel they were robbed from that opportunity last time out due to a very 'controversial' hometown decision.”

The 24-year-old has thanked all those who have supported him in his professional career so far, without whom he says ‘none of this would be possible’.

Alfie said: “The support I have around at the moment is brilliant, I have a number of local businesses of which very kindly sponsor me, they help with the costs of travelling to and from Glasgow for training numerous times a week and help cover my medical fees which need done annually.

"This is the side of professional boxing people don't really see.”

“It's not all riches and fame as it's made out to be... you've got to work your way up to that, and without the backing of local businesses none of this would be possible."

Alfie is calling out for any local businesses who would like to support him in the fight to get in touch.

He said: “Any additional businesses that would like to come on board would be greatly appreciated, any support big or small is a great help and goes a long way for myself!

"Feel free to contact me and I will do all I can in return in terms of advertisement. Not only the support from businesses in terms of sponsorship but also support in the way of ticket sales.

“One of the main reasons behind turning to the professional ranks was to create some great nights of boxing and give some local people something to get behind, follow and have a great night to remember.

“The support I get from people spending their hard-earned cash on coming to watch me fight really does mean the absolute world to me, and to anyone else that wants to become part of the following they are more than welcome to come along support me at any one of my fights.

“I appreciate every single person that can fork out the cash to come and support myself. People can contact myself directly for tickets.”