A NEW shop serving all kinds of ‘sweet-elicious’ treats to the people of Cockermouth has opened, after its owners saw a gap in the market.

Sweet-elicious has opened on Cockermouth Main Street serving up a whole host of treats including waffles, ice cream and bubble tea to the town.

Since it’s recent opening, the store has already built up a strong support, with many regulars visiting the store to get their hands on some of it’s many goodies.

The store was the brainchild of owner Julie Miller, who also runs the successful Main Street Fisheries chip shop, just next door to the store.

Times and Star: The new Sweet-elicious store on Cockermouth Main Street.The new Sweet-elicious store on Cockermouth Main Street. (Image: NQ staff)

Julie said: “I opened up the fish and chip shop five years ago and it’s been a success, it’s a really, really busy little shop right on the high street, people were coming in and asking where can we get an ice cream and that type of thing, there is a couple of shops that sell it, but when this became available I thought there’s a gap in the market, let’s go for it , so that’s what we have done.”

The shop sells a variety of sweet treats that ‘aren’t just your average’ flavours with a number of ‘create your own’ options.

Times and Star: Some of the tasty waffles on offer in the store.Some of the tasty waffles on offer in the store. (Image: NQ staff)

Julie said: “We have opened it up and we sell Hartley’s ice cream, we also have a soft scoop ice cream, we do create your own cake, waffles and pancakes and it comes with ice cream and any sort of flavour that you want: biscoff, rolo, galaxy, that sort of thing and also the milkshakes their not just your ordinary, they also come with any sort of chocolate bar you want, we do smoothies, bubble tea that’s hit off really well, it’s been really busy.”

The shop is already doing well since it’s opening building up a strong base of regulars and attracting people with its ‘stand out’ design.

Times and Star: Five year old Charlotte Dempsey enjoys an ice cream in the shop.Five year old Charlotte Dempsey enjoys an ice cream in the shop. (Image: NQ Staff)

“We’ve got our regulars, we get regular kids coming back in for waffles and elderly people for cake, we sell tea and coffee as well, Jodie has got her regulars coming in.”

“I wanted it kind of pink and fluffy so that it stood out and one parent did come in and say we were going by in the car and my little child was going there’s an ice cream shop! I wanted it like that so it stood out.”