Talk about back to the future!

This week we are taking a look forward, remembering the past and hoping the present delivers all that was announced last week for Maryport’s regeneration.

One thing is for sure: unless times have changed us out of all proportion, news that the Shiver Me Timbers playground is to be saved and even given a makeover is bound to delight many - as will the idea of a splash park.

Around 10 years ago a group of mothers began a campaign in Maryport.

They spoke about having to go elsewhere, to places like Silloth, to give their children a good time and one of the things they wanted was a splash park.

The now defunct Solway Trust, which was raising money for festivals and amenities for Maryport, wanted to take over the toilets on the promenade while the then Maryporters group began seeking funding for a splash pool.

It has become a bit of a theme in Maryport - grand multi-million pound regeneration plans are set out and then they die because of external matters - usually a worldwide recession or something.

That is not to say nothing has happened.

Anyone born and bred in Maryport may be able to recall the state of the harbour before it was developed and how it is continuing to develop with two new cafes and the Harbour Authority’s caravan and camping area.

Then there is the aquarium. David Martin, the then harbour commissioner, persuaded Mark Vollers to open the aquarium by then harbour commissioner and Maryport Development board member, the late Eric Martin.

The aquarium’s cafe is now as popular as the fish themselves and there are two new cafes at the marina and fishing co-op building, with a fourth one being planned for the promenade.

Then there was the late Bill Cameron, town and county councillor who saw a nautical-themed playground while on holiday and decided it was just the thing for Maryport.

Once again external financial resources means Maryport is not going to get the regeneration it was promised and of special disappointment is the lack of a new swimming pool.

But at least something is going to be done. It might take a while but, who knows, one day Maryport could be the St Ives of West Cumbria.