A Dearham pensioner has risen to dizzying heights to prove her devotion to her local church.

Rose Lewis, 71, has just completed a ride on the world's highest and fastest zip wire, travelling at speeds of up to 100mph at a height of one mile up.

She admits to being quite nervous about tackling the Penrhyn Quarry zip wire in Wales.

Joined by son Jim and his children, Abigail and Daniel, the three generations braved the zip wire to help pay for the plastering of the historic St Mungo's Church in Dearham.

"It was pretty scary, especially the ride up to the top when we had to stop for a while as it was quite windy. We had to wait for it to be safer," she said.

"Everyone got off the truck, but when I did the ground was so sloped I had to get straight back on.  

"Also when you land they tell you to step over this bar thing to get it attached and safely out of the way... well I hate to admit it but I can’t stand on one leg without holding on to something without falling over.

"Luckily my grandson very kindly and quickly came to help.

"I’m glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again unless someone offered me loads of sponsorship!"

Rose said she expects she has raised £1,000, which would not complete the plastering but will at least give a start to the project.

This is not the first time Rose Lewis has ventured slightly out of her depth for her St Mungo's.

Although she only learned to swim as an adult, she managed 324 lengths or five miles in the Cockermouth pool in 2017, at the age of 65, to raise money for the church and for Water Aid.

In 2018 she began 'knitting the bible', with a whole lot of knitted illustrations of bible stories. These went on display at the church and raised further funds for its upkeep.

To help plaster the historic old church go to: