A Catholic congregation is looking at ways to keep its church alive.

Former Maryport Mayor and devoted Roman Catholic Peter Kendall said various options are being considered for the town's Catholic Church.

The Maryport estate includes the church, which holds a commanding place on the historic Fleming Square, the Presbytry - the former  convwent - on Kirkby Street and the church hall.

The old Priory, next to the church on Fleming Square, was sold severeal years ago.

Mr Kendall said he believed it was the desire of the 45 or so regular woshippers to continue to have Masses and to serve the community of Maryport.

"The three emaining buildings need repairs and we have been told that options could  include closing the church and using the parish hall for services.

"We have a regular congregation of around 45 people and I think we all have a desire tocontinue worshipping in Maryport.Thee will bea fullconsultation with the congregation before anything is done."

A spokeswoman at the officeof the Diocesan Bishop ofLancaster was approached for commentbut declined.