Weeds growing around Maryport Harbour may be left there because it appears nobody is responsible for the area.

A Cumberland Council spokeswoman said that the title deeds to the land show it is in the possession of Maryport Development Ltd,  a former regeneration company that no longer exists.

"We are responsible for the roads around the Elizabeth Dock but not for the water  side of the railings," said Maryport Harbour Authority CEO Pauline Gorley.

Local councillors and residents have been angered at the state of the area which is considered a focal point for visitors to the town.

Fifteen months after Maryport Town Council asked the then Allerdale Council to tend to the weeds on the town's Elizabeth Dock, nothing has been done.

Resident Ann Armstrong, who walks her dog around the harbour every morning, described it as 'a total disgrace.'

"It looks unkempt and unloved. We get a lot of visitors here, going to the aquarium and walking around the harbour. I hate to think what they must think about the care we take of our town."
Times and Star: Weeds are spoiling Maryport HarbourWeeds are spoiling Maryport Harbour (Image: Submitted)She said something needed to be done urgently but was also worried about using weed killer in an area where so many people walked their dogs and so close to the water.

Town clerk Paul Bramley said the town council had been concerned about the weeds for a long time.

"We wrote to Allerdale Council but did not have a response."

An Allerdale spokesman, in August last year, told the Times & Star that the harbourside "was not within our current contract".

The statement went on to say that the issue was complicated by the fact that there had to be consultation with the Environment Agency but, working with the then county council, attempts would be made to solve the problem.

Times and Star: The overgrown weeds are ruining Maryport's harbourThe overgrown weeds are ruining Maryport's harbour (Image: Ssubmitted)

Mr Bradley said he had received comments from both residents and visitors about the state of the harbour.

"I alerted the Maryport regeneration team to the problem again about two weeks ago when I met with officers. It really is a disgrace and lets the town down," he said.