Ever wondered which region in the UK tops the charts in health metrics?

Or how does your local area fare when pitted against the rest regarding public health indicators?

A recent insightful study at bluehorizonbloodtests.co.uk assessed various UK local authorities, government districts, boroughs, and counties. 

In the top 20 healthiest places were two Cumbrian locations Eden and Allerdale. 

Eden is located in Cumbria in the north of England, part of why it ranks fourth on this list is because of the region's great air quality. 

Allerdale also appeared on the list and is another non-metropolitan district within Cumbria, England, the area falls within the Lake District. 

The rankings were based on a meticulous analysis of 12 distinct criteria: air quality (PM2.5 concentration), adult smoking rates, alcohol misuse, the prevalence of cancer, diabetes, drug misuse, healthy eating habits, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases, adults with mental health problems, obesity rates, and physical activity levels.

South Hams emerged as the healthiest area in the UK for 2023, securing a stellar score of 80 out of 100. The results revealed that Peterborough was the least healthy area in 2023, scoring 40 out of 100.