The collapse of the Old Courthouse in Cockermouth last weekend was a shock but maybe not a surprise.

Its proximity to the river made it special and when a restaurant was opened at almost river level it was a beautiful place in which to dine.

I am sure everyone is talking this week about how it happened.

It is only last year, however, when London property consultant Samiul Ahmed bought the Old Courthouse at auction for £51,000. He said even then that public safety was his greatest concern. He also spoke of his intention to save the 194-year-old riverside building described described by the Carlisle-based Auction House as a "substantial Grade-II listed town centre property in need of major structural repair".

Just looking at the damage now leaves you wondering whether it could be fixed.

In 2021, the fast flowing river had eroded the stone section underneath it, leaving the wall bowing out on the riverside.

Residents and businesses were swiftly evacuated after the building was inspected by an Allerdale Council structural engineer.

A dive team worked over the weekend, placing two tons of bags filled with special cement underneath the property. The cement sets when water hits it.

Why is there a picture of a 2000AD comic on this page dedicated to the memory of the old courthouse? Well, that is compliments of my son, Andrew.

There used to be an antiques and collectibles shop in the courthouse - an emporium of interesting books and bits and pieces.

Andrew and partner Kim came on holiday from New Zealand in 2008. Andrew bought that comic for £6 and still preserves it as can be seen from the photo. Kim bought a badge that said: "I visited Sellafield and survived."

The old Courthouse was more than a place where justice was served. It was part of the town and we can only hope that part of it may still be preserved.