A WEST Cumbrian rugby club have thanked sponsors Gleeson Homes for their support throughout the 2023 season.

Gleeson Homes have invested into Workington Town RLFC for the 2023 season as ground maintenance partners for the club.

Their investment has allowed the club to make essential improvements to the safety at Fibrus Community Stadium Workington, as well as allowing improvements to the pitch and opened up the opportunity for the pitch to be used as a playing surface for multiple teams, with the club hosting the Reds Ladies and Workington Town Ladies throughout the last year.

David Wright, Land Director for Gleeson Homes, said: “I think we are just really proud to be supporting the club, the reason why we looked to support them in the first place is two reasons. We are building homes in the local area so we want to give back to the communities that we are working in and operating in. But also, seeing what the club are doing on and off the pitch as well, such as supporting charities, promoting women’s rugby and the football teams - we want to support them being able to do that as well.

“It’s helping maintain and look after the pitch, we have seen how good the condition has been over the last 12 months, but also giving them that security to continue to do the good work in the community too.”

Times and Star: David and Graeme look over the much improved pitchDavid and Graeme look over the much improved pitch (Image: NQ staff)

Graeme Peers, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Workington Town RLFC, said: “The main benefit for us to partner with an established national company is great. There is strength in partnering with large companies, it gives our business more protection and the investment that Gleeson have made in us basically covers all the challenges in the practical parts of the club.

"The pitch needs worked on, it needs resources put into it, they have allowed us to do that and we have actually improved our ground safety audit result this year, which is a massive testament to the investment that was put into us by Gleeson and talking about why we needed it has come to fruition. The ground is safer and the pitch is better than I would say it has been ever, certainly in the last 15-20 years, it is just a fitting place to watch and play sport.

“There are some key things that need repaired and there are some things that preferentially we would like repaired and we can just continually work to keep this ground improving, so the partnership has been essential for that and it takes away the cost burden of that as well by partnering with Gleeson.”