A SHOP owner has sent well wishes to a pedestrian who was injured outside of her popular shoe store.

A man was taken to Newcastle hospital by heli-med following an incident outside of the S R Shoes store on Station Street in Cockermouth last Wednesday, November 8 - an incident which police say involved a car and a pedestrian.

During the incident, the shop window of S R Shoes was badly damaged and is now boarded up.

Despite the damage to the shop, the main concern of Sandra Trafford, owner of S R Shoes, was for the man who was injured, sending well wishes to him and his family.

She said: “I was next door; we heard the bang so we both came out.

“It has affected my business I mean it is a lot quieter, but I have had a lot of people in because everybody wants to know happened and find out how the man is.

"Luckily enough his wife rang up and told me how he was which I was really pleased about because he was concerned about the window.

“But yes, it has affected me, it’s probably half of what I would take. But I was really pleased she rang and delighted to know how he was.”

Sandra has also thanked the Cockermouth Chamber of Trade for sending flowers after the incident and offering any assistance.