Following a community survey police in Allerdale will be tackling ASB, drug use, and road safety concerns. 

Maryport residents were asked to voice their concerns about the area and these were some of the key issues. 

Dearham was a key area for road safety concerns and antisocial behaviour will also be addressed for antisocial behaviour. 

A spokesperson said: "Allerdale Neighbourhood Policing team recently conducted a recent survey in relation to the Maryport. The data has been analysed and the following issues have been identified: ASB and drug-related activity in residential areas around the town centre and harbour areas of Maryport, road safety concerns have been raised in Dearham and ASB in Flimby

"Our local officers will continue to address these issues and respond to crime and disorder in your area and we encourage the local community to continue to report any incidents.

"We will be conducting a further survey in 3 months time.

"Please continue to report any incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour."