HMV in Workington will be working with Soundwave to give young musicians a chance to perform in-store. 

Soundwave aims to inspire teens and youths to get more involved with music and perform. 

Kristian Ridley, a staff member, said: "It just aims to support local talent and we'll be getting more young singers in to show people what Workington has to offer.

"Soundwave is a music-related youth group, they get the kids in, show them the sound equipment, and get them singing, it's for those who are interested in all things music. 

"We'd been thinking up ideas to do something different with HMV Live and Local instead of just getting random singers in now and then we thought we'd do something different to show the talent that Soundwave members have. 

"Most of the young people will be aged between 15 and 20. 

"It feels like we're reaching out a bit more and I hope it shows that we're not just focused on one type of thing."

Kristian has asked anyone who would like to perform in the shop to please get in touch.