Most people have been avoiding the water outdoors during the recent cold snap, but one man has been embracing the freeze for charity.

Dickie Johnson from Bassenthwaite is taking part in the ’12 dips of Christmas’ challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research.

Dickie is set to take 12 dips in the freezing waters of Cumbria ranging from an ice bath in his garden to some of the most iconic bodies of water in the Lake District, including Derwentwater and Buttermere.

“I'm doing the challenge because I just actually completed a cancer research swim last month and I really enjoyed doing it and cancer is something that affects us all,” said Dickie.

“My mother was diagnosed with cancer many years ago and is still with us today, thanks to cancer research so its just about giving back.”

So far in his challenge, Dickie has braved the sub-zero temperatures in his back garden and at Bassenthwaite Lake with the recent freezing weather adding another layer to his challenge.

“The first one I did for the 12 dips of Christmas, I had to use a hammer to break through an inch of ice in the ice bath in my garden just to sit in it which was a little bit extreme and then the second one on Bassenthwaite Lake was really icy and windy,” said Dickie.

“Cold water swimming is really good for you as well because it's good for your wellbeing and mental health and physical health benefits as well.

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“Ice bathing is also generally considered to be really good for you and just puts you in a brilliant mood to be honest.

“It's all for a really good cause as cancer affects everybody in some way or another, whether it's you personally or people you know so I thought I’d do a different way of fundraising and where’s better to do this than the Lake District.”

Anybody wishing to donate to Dickie’s fundraiser can do so via his online giving page.