THERE is an appetite to travel differently in the Lake District, according to a charity’s recent survey.

ACT, a Cumbrian rural development charity that claims to champion community and rural issues, conducted research with visitors and locals over the last 18 months about how people want to travel around the national park.

Lorrainne Smyth, CEO, said: “This research collected responses from over 3,000 people, both locals and visitors, in face to face interviews, focus groups, three large online surveys and two events.

“The latest national online survey with 1,000 responses had 81 per cent saying they would be willingly to travel without their car on holiday and 46 per cent concerned about the impact of their travel choices on the environment.

“In local surveys 61 per cent felt negatively about travel in the national park and nearly 60 per cent would like to see an integrated, cheaper transport system in the Lake District.

“Many respondents also indicated that charging for access to busy places at busy times would fund improvements in services for all.

“We have a lot of information from the surveys and, along with partners will be using this to inform planning for the future of transport services in the Lake District.”

Ms Smyth continued: “There are already really positive initiatives underway, such as shuttle buses into Lakeland valleys, the national £2 bus fare, lots of active travel, walking and cycling projects, and more projects being planned.

“The changes won’t be swift and will need investment so we don’t see charges being implemented soon, but we have heard that people are up for change and that gives us renewed energy and legitimacy to explore the options around different ways to travel in the Lake District.”