DUE to heavy snowfall mountain rescue teams in Cumbria were put on standby. 

Cockermouth MRT was brought in to support Keswick MRT with an incident involving a person who had become nauseous while at Seathwaite Fell. 

The team was called out on December 3 and the conditions were cold and dark with heavy snow. 

A spokesperson said: "Mountain Rescue Teams throughout Cumbria were put on standby due to the heavy snowfall that the region experienced on Saturday afternoon.

"That snowfall particularly affected the southern half of Cumbria, and the teams in that area were particularly busy; coordination across the mountain rescue teams and with Cumbria Police took place at the CMRT Base where things were a bit quieter.

"CMRT was later asked to support Keswick MRT when they received a call regarding a person who was feeling nauseous whilst camping on Seathwaite Fell.

"Both teams made their way to the casualty in heavy snow. The individual was located and assessed; they were in good health and decided to remain in their tent for the evening."