A POPULAR West Cumbrian gym is expanding into a 'miles better facility' after it outgrew its original base.

Luke Reeson, owner of Lake District Barbell, has been running the gym at the Lakeland Livestock Centre for over two years, and has developed a large following from people all over Cumbria.

The gym has been so popular, Lake District Barbell will now expand into a much larger unit just a short distance from the original one in the Livestock Centre.

Luke said: "We couldn't grow any more in the property that we were in. Within a year we were looking for a bigger premises and there was a space become available that was twice the size.

"We have launched a new, regular side to the gym, that most people are used to... a more conventional gym."

The gym provides both a Crossfit and Hyrox programme, with the business being accredited with these official brands.

The gym has a strong following throughout west Cumbria and beyond, with many members becoming part of the Lake District Barbell 'community' when joining the gym.

Luke said: "They all love it, because for them they have now got more space, more equipment and it's a miles better facility, so we are able to give them more opportunities and create a better training space."

An opening day will take place place over the weekend of January 13 and 14, with new members being able to officially join the gym on January 15.

"We were originally just a Crossfit gym, so we didn't have any members that didn't do our Crossfit programme", said Luke.

"The place we have gone into is around three times the size so we have a lot more space and a lot more opportunity to expand."

You can find out more on the Instagram page or at the website.