A WEST Cumbrian school have said they are 'exceptionally proud' of the school community, following a 'Good' report from the education watchdog.

Eaglesfield Paddle C of E Primary Academy in Eaglesfield near Cockermouth was inspected by Ofsted on December 6 and 7 for the first time since the school converted into an academy back in 2012.

The inspection found the school was found to be overall graded as 'Good' by inspectors with a good rating in three areas: the quality of education, leadership and management and early years.

The school was found to be outstanding in the areas of behaviour and attitudes and personal development.

The pupils at the school were commended by Ofsted for their behaviour, with the relationships between staff and pupils at the school also being praised.

The report said: "Pupils are proud of their school. They are friendly, polite and kind. Pupils make a positive contribution to the school’s calm and respectful atmosphere.

"Extremely positive relationships with staff help pupils to feel valued and to thrive. Pupils are happy and behave remarkably well."

The school was also praised by the education watchdog for the 'high profile' reading carries throughout the whole school settings, with pupils from nursery age being encouraged to join in with stories.

The report said: "Pupils read widely and often. They enjoy a variety of texts across many different subjects and topics.

"These cover themes, including homelessness, kindness and the differences that exist between people.

"The reading programme makes a strong contribution to pupils’ understanding of the world."

The school’s leadership team and governors have said they are delighted that the inspection report accurately reflects the culture and values of Paddle School

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ann-Marie Steel said: “When you read some of the positive phrases in the Ofsted Report you can’t help but feel exceptionally proud of being part of the Paddle School community.

"In particular I would like to recognise the amazing dedication and commitment to teaching and learning made by the combined contribution of both staff and governors who make it a very special place to work and learn in.”