A Carlisle soft play centre is set to host an exclusive play session for families with children who have special education needs (SEN). 

Aztec Soft Play on Crown Street has partnered with Maryport charity Bee Unique, which aims to support local families who have SEN children or children with autism, to host the exclusive session which will take place on Sunday, February 25. 

Aztec Soft Play's owner Lynn Steadman explained how the idea for the bespoke session was inspired by a visit they received from a local family. 

She said: "When we had Aztec in the past before we took it back we used to run some closed sessions. It wasn't Bee Unique but it was something similar.

"When we opened near Christmas there was a family that came in early and they said that they only come in when it is quiet because their son has Autism and he doesn't like to be in when it is busy. 

"This family mentioned Bee Unique and I got in touch and offered to run some close sessions for them and they took us up on it."

The popularity of the session will determine Aztec Soft Play's plans for more events of a similar nature, however, Lynn detailed how the indoor soft play centre is looking to give back to the community at any opportunity it gets.

She said: "It's all about creating a safe environment where the kids can be themselves.

"If it is popular, we will run it regularly for them and in future we can offer them the laser and silent discos that we do.

"We're happy to provide and give something back, it is obviously a business but if we can give something back we will. If we can give something back to the community then we like to do it.