A GLOBAL footwear and clothing manufacturer has resubmitted plans for a wind turbine in West Cumbria - after local objections saw the council's planning committee decide to deny initial plans last year.

New Balance has re-submitted an application for a 75 metre wind turbine at its factory site in Flimby, after Cumberland councillors refused the initial application in August 2023, despite the plans being recommended for approval by officers.

The refusal of the plans was made due to 'planning matters raised by the community, regarding the potential for adverse impacts on the amenity of local residents, risk to employee and public safety in relation to the turbine being within topple distance of the factory and ecological impacts on protected species' with councillors saying the application had not alleviated local community concerns in order to enable community support of the scheme.

At the meeting in August last year, Seaton councillor, Jimmy Grisdale claimed there was 'a danger of the turbine toppling over' and he moved that they reject the application quoting various planning policies to support going against the officer's recommendation to approve the plan.

He said: "This will affect the local community."

The company re-submitted the plans on March 14, saying there is a business need to build the turbine which will 'generate enough energy to meet 100 per cent of the factory demand on site', with rooftop solar already providing approximately 30 per cent of the electricity at the Flimby factory.

It has also submitted an appeal to the Secretary of State alongside this resubmission.

The company has said that there the application is a commitment to the site at Flimby, which employs over 300 people in the community.

Documents supporting the application said: "As a business New Balance takes its climate responsibilities very seriously and has committed through RE1003 Climate Group to sourcing 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025 across all global New Balance operations.

"Any excess power would ideally be 'passed through' to the Warrington head office and retail sites.

"This investment demonstrates New Balance’s ongoing commitment to the Flimby site and its sustainability."

The plans were submitted on March 14 they and are now in a consultation process with Cumberland council.