EXCITEMENT is growing as Uppies and Downies is set to come back to the town for the popular tri series.

And there is one member of the community who is extra excited for this year's competition - six-year-old Brodhie Saffill-Kirkpatrick from Northside in Workington will continue his family tradition, carrying out the traditional 'scop off' of the ball tomorrow on March 29.

Brodhie's mum, Billie Saffill, has said that her son 'can't wait' for Good Friday and is looking forward to the day when he is old enough to get involved in the games.

She said: "He's very excited. It’s his second throw off, he can’t wait. He loves watching the games and can’t wait till he’s old enough to get involved."

The family have had a long tradition with the games, with Billie's grandmother and grandfather sponsoring a ball in the tri-series for almost 40 years.

Billie said: "Ever since I was born my nana and granda have sponsored the ball... it's coming up for 40 years now.

"It’s fantastic (for Brodhie to carry on the tradition). I used to throw it off until I had Brodhie then he took over my throw when he turned four.

"The feeling and adrenaline when you get there to do it is something else."

The traditional Easter game, which is played in three matches starting on Good Friday and the following Tuesday and Saturday, sees those with roots in the upper part of town try to take a specially-made ball to Workington Hall, while those from the lower part of town try to get it to the harbour.

There are no organisers of the game and it has been known over the years for its uniqueness in having no apparent rules.

Speaking previously about this year's game, lifelong Uppie Elvin Jarvis said:  "We are really looking forward to this year's games and with the special King Charles coronation balls it's giving the game extra excitement, as players seem to come out in more numbers when there are special balls made.

"We are reminding everyone that the ball can go anywhere - and to try and keep cars away from the Cloffocks."