EMERGENCY services have been struggling to attend serious emergencies in the Lake District over the Easter weekend, due to what the police describe as 'selfish parking' - with officers reminding people to 'think where they park'.

Crews were called to an emergency in which an individual was severely injured on Easter Sunday, March 31 but were unable to arrive 'swiftly and safely' due to what has been described by emergency services as selfish parking making it difficult for vehicles to arrive.

In a statement on social media, Allerdale police said: "Think where you park... This afternoon, several emergency vehicles were required to attend an incident on the fells where an individual was severely injured, selfish parking made it hard for the responders to arrive swiftly and safely.

"When parking your vehicle always think -Can an emergency service vehicle pass? Am I parked legally? Have I parked selfishly to make my day easier?

"Tickets for unnecessary obstruction will be given out to anyone parking dangerously."