A Cumbrian brewing company will soon be able to buy itself a pint as it prepares to celebrate its 18th year in business. 

Keswick Brewing Company was set up by Sue Jefferson back in 2006 and has enjoyed great success in recent years, winning a number of awards. 

On Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13, she will be joined by friends and family, as well as members of the public, for a celebration including, food, live music, and newly-brewed beers. 

Times and Star: The Keswick Brewing Company teamThe Keswick Brewing Company team (Image: Supplied)

Speaking to the Times & Star, she said: "I set the business up in 2006. 18 years definitely feels like something worth celebrating, so we're having a birthday party this weekend. We set up the company to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. We're always mindful of what we are using, and re-using what we can. That's our ethos."

Keswick Brewing Company will open on Friday from 2-7, and then from 12-8 on the Saturday, with live music sessions on both days. 

They will also be offering two new beers over the weekend to mark the occasion. 

Sue added: "For our 10th anniversary I did 10 beers but we decided that was a bit too much. So for this year, we've done two different ones. We've got '18 dark' which is a nice rich dark stout at 4.5% and then '18 pale' which is a pale, fruity one at 3.4%."

Like many other businesses, Keswick Brewing Company has been forced to navigate significant issues such as the cost of living crisis and the pandemic in recent years. 

Sue said: "Covid had a big impact but as a brewery that serves pubs, it was a massive change for us. We were really lucky that our loyal customers who wanted to help us during lockdown ordered from us online. That was great.

"It's not an easy time for pubs and breweries with the cost of living but we have some really lovely people that want to come and enjoy our space or our tours. If they come once, they usually come back because they really enjoy our beers, which is lovely."