Cumbrian businesses are gearing up for a virtual fundraising challenge to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Cumbrian foundation.

A team from the Centre for Leadership Performance, led by Sarah Glass, are among the many determined not to let the 171-mile Virtual Coast to Coast Corporate Challenge intimidate them.

Instead of hauling their equipment along the entirety of Alfred Wainwright’s iconic route between St Bees Head in Cumbria and Yorkshire's Robin Hood's Bay, participants will cover the ground from the comfort of their home, office, or gym via any form of exercise that records distance.

"This is a brilliant way for businesses and our corporate supporters to raise money for local causes," stated Andy Beeforth, chief executive of Cumbria Community Foundation.

He further expressed his hopes for the event to be a fun and enriching experience, allowing companies and their staff to bond while contributing positively to their community.

The community-driven challenge was conceived and launched by the Cumbria Community Foundation in celebration of its 25th anniversary, hoping to secure funds for its Cumbria Fund.

The virtual event begins on May 20 and concludes on July 1.

Ms Glass said: "We’re delighted to celebrate 25 years of the Cumbria Community Foundation, and the fantastic work they do, by taking part in the Virtual Coast to Coast Challenge."

The Centre for Leadership Performance executive director added: "Over the years, we have been beneficiaries of some of their grants, enabling us to continue our work promoting lifelong learning and ensuring that better leadership equals better lives for the people of Cumbria."

Several organisations have joined the cause, and there's more room for Cumbrian businesses to sign up for the challenge.

To register, visit the Cumbria Community Foundation website.