FOR this week's Nostalgia we wanted to take a look at Maryport Marina and Harbour.

The harbour town of Maryport was developed to a grid pattern by the Senhouse family in the 18th century.

Georgian and Victorian houses can still be seen with a walk to Fleming Square.

The harbour offers great views out over the Solway Firth, with clear views of Scotland in the northerly direction.

Many people go to the marina to sit and enjoy sunsets with their friends and family.

There are also some fascinating creatures to spot whilst walking around the harbour.

Porpoises are well known for paying visits to the are and can sometimes be seen when looking out towards the sea.

Whilst a lot of the boats in the area are used for leisurely activities, there are still some fishing boats which operate to this day from this specific harbour.

Right on the marina sits an aquarium which is a popular tourist attraction that is often used by local schools for trips.

The area is also abundant in rich history dating right the way back, over a thousand years, to the Roman era.

This is still a major part of Maryport's heritage and the Senhouse Roman Museum provides exhibits detailing the area's connection to the Roman empire.

The industrial history of Maryport is still noticeable to this day with strong ties to the coal mining and ship building trade.

We hope that you enjoy these photos of people having fun at the harbour over the years, and that they bring back some fond memories for some of you.