FOR this week's Nostalgia we wanted to take a look at Bike Week.

This initiative takes places from June 10 to June 16, it is organised by Cycling UK, and it is annual opportunity to promote cycling and show how it can easily be part of everyday life.

It is the UK’s biggest awareness-raising moment of the year for cycling and a chance for people to celebrate the hobby.

It allows people to remind themselves of the positive benefits that riding a bike can bring to their lives by promoting both their health and wellbeing.

Riding a bike can also help to benefit communities and is also beneficial to saving the planet, being that it is a much cleaner form of transport than driving or using public transport.

Cycling UK hope that the week will encourage people to be more concious of the climate as riding a bike can reduce emissions, increase air quality, and protect nature.

This type of activity can also help members of the public save money as it is one of the most cost effective ways of getting around.

It is also hoped that it will help to reduce stress levels as it is a way of getting out into the fresh air, get more freedom, and work out your body and mind.

Those interested in cycling are asked to try to encourage others to get out onto their bikes and promote this mode of exercise within their communities.

In the Workington area people are as keen on cycling as anywhere else, as these pictures show bike riding events and even some older shots of school pupils doing their cycling proficiency tests.