A MUCH loved annual theatre event has taken place in Workington and the performances were once again 'a triumph' in the town.

The Oddsocks Theatre Company visited Workington's Hall Park to perform their adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar to crowds last weekend.

Friday evening, June 21 was well attended despite the weather, with the Saturday evening attended by around 600 people in the sunshine.

The town council also put on a fully-funded schools' matinee performance on Friday, June 21 which saw over 150 children from local schools enjoy the performance of Julius Caesar.

Performers entertain school children at the matinee performance.Performers entertain school children at the matinee performance. (Image: Tom Kay)

A spokesman for Workington Town Council said: "In 2023 we decided to hold a schools' matinee performance as well as the evening performances for everyone to enjoy.

"This was attended by 150 children and while we were pleased these children were able to attend we wanted to give more youngsters the opportunity, so we asked the Heritage Transport Trust about putting on free buses for the schools and thankfully they were happy to help us.

"In the end we had 600 children and teachers from across eight different schools within Workington that attended the special matinee performance and it was absolutely fantastic to see so many of them enjoying the performance and really interacting with the brilliant Oddsocks.

"Thanks to the Heritage Transport Trust and the Rotary Club for helping with the event.

"The children also enjoyed either a free hot dog or ice cream. This event is fully funded by Workington Town Council."

School children at the matinee performance.School children at the matinee performance. (Image: Tom Kay)

Workington mayor Neil Schofield said: "The Oddsocks production of Julius Caesar was a triumph. This fantastic production was outstanding. It was great to see each performance with so many people in attendance.

"The schools performance, which my son attended, went down a storm with the other pupils from local schools.

"This would have been the first introduction to live theatre for some of them and what a wonderful introduction way to start. Hopefully this will be something they can continue with the fantastic theatres in the area and the wonderful amateur societies we have in and around the town.

"Myself and the mayoress attended on Saturday night and were delighted with what we saw and look forward to seeing more from Oddsocks.

The Oddsocks performing in Hall Park The Oddsocks performing in Hall Park (Image: Tom Kay)

"I was able to speak to the performers after the show, and they commented on Workington Town Councils' commitment to the arts and continued support they have shown them over the years.

"The staff at the town council put so much effort into ensuring this event went smoothly, and their hard work and dedication were clear to see."