A WEST Cumbrian McDonald's store will undergo refurbishments to improve a 'new and increasingly popular delivery service' operating from the venue, after plans were approved by Cumberland Council.

Plans were submitted to Cumberland Council for the refurbishment of the McDonald's restaurant and drive-through on the Derwent Howe Industrial Estate, Workington back in May.

The full plans for the store include the 'refurbishment of the restaurant with alterations to elevations to include a 7.1 sqm under eaves extension, drive thru booths to be replaced, new sliding entrance door, formation of new access door, replacement glazing and associated works to the site'.

An officer's report on the application said: "Overall, the alterations are not considered to be significant and similar and in-keeping designs and materials have been used. The visual appearance of the building would not significantly change.

"Minor changes to the car park include the addition of thermoplastic material to some bays and click and serve signs which would be permitted development.

"The existing operations and nature of the site would not change and there would be no harmful impact on surrounding business premises."

The officer's report also acknowledged that there are known protected species nearby. However they said that 'the alterations would not have any impacts upon the blue butterfly given the nature of the proposals and the site'.

The traffic, drainage and operations of the site are said to remain as existing, with officers saying that the site is not within a sensitive area and no heritage assets will be impacted upon.

The plans are said to largely be of benefit to the new and increasingly popular delivery services that the global chain provides in the town.

The officer's report concluded: "The alterations to the building have been designed to accommodate a delivery service which is becoming popular within the area. The proposals are of an acceptable design which accords with policy and does not pose any risk or harm to surrounding businesses.

"The nature and parking arrangements will remain and the new windows and doors are sympathetic. On balance the scheme is acceptable."

Planning permission was granted by Cumberland Council planning officers on Friday, June 28.