A NEW play area will be build in one west Cumbrian town, with an aim to provide a facility to an area which has 'long lacked' a children's play area.

Workington Town Council has plans to provide a new children's play area named Springfield Park to land just off Windsor Road on the old Salterbeck School field, with new play equipment to provide children with a 'safe place to play'.

There will be a number of features including an adventure play trail, a junior multi-play tower and a toddle multi-play tower as well as many other features.

The town council also said it is investing in Harrington Harbour, providing extra equipment such as a new playhouse, a spinner and a seesaw.

Councillor Michael Heaslip  said: "This was a manifesto commitment from our 2023 election campaign and we are pleased to be delivering on it.

"Westfield has long lacked a children's play area and this new play area at Springfield Park will at last provide Westfield children with a safe place to play.

"Moving the Moorclose Play Area in to the middle of the Park will also make that one safer and more accessible, and the additional equipment being provided will make it much better for the children there.

"The Harrington Harbour play area previously had to have unsafe life-expired equipment removed before there was any funding allocated to replace it, but we have now allocated the money to replace that equipment and bring the play area up to the standard we set for all our play areas.

"We did a consultation with local people on the equipment they wanted to see at each play area and  that gave us the basis for the plans we are now putting in place.

"I would like to thank the council's officer team for working up the specifications and working with our partners, Cumberland Council, Castle & Coasts Housing, and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to enable this play area provision to go ahead. Our children are high priority for us."