As BBC's The Apprentice returns for its 17th series, fans were quick to react over the return of Claude Littner to the show.

Claude Littner was previously absent from the series after being forced to step away.

He was replaced by season one winner Tim Campbell who won all the way back in 2005.

Why was Claude Littner absent from The Apprentice?

The reason why the 73-year-old vacated his role from the show was due to a major cycling accident in April 2021.

Claude injured his right leg so badly that doctors apparently considered amputating it but later decided against this.

Previously, Lord Sugar told Lorraine Kelly that he had "lost count" of the number of operations received by Littner, telling the morning TV host that he had "gone through a terrible experience".

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Viewers react over the return of Claude Littner to The Apprentice 2023

Fans were excited to see the return of Claude Littner, known for his brutal takedowns of contestants.

One user took to Twitter to gleefully say: "UNLEASH CLAUDE!!!" Accompanied by a picture of a shark.

Another user said: "Claude will always be iconic."

When the girl's team defended their performance and fell victim to infighting, Claude Chimed in, saying: "What you're seeing now is exactly what happened on the tour, bickering, arguing, no consensus" to the amusement of fans.

One user wrote: "Yess Claude" while another added: "I like how Claude doesn't mince his words."