Cleaning your kitchen or bathroom can be made all the more frustrating when you're plagued by horrid limescale that just won't scrub off.

However, a cleaning guru has shared one easy way to get rid of limescale from your taps without breaking the bank.

Praising the "magic" ingredient that costs just 23p, the expert said that the method will leave your faucets sparkling and your house smelling amazing.

Cleaning expert shares 'magic' trick to banish limescale from your taps

Times and Star: A slice of lemon is a great way to remove limescale from taps.A slice of lemon is a great way to remove limescale from taps. (Image: Getty)

Talking with The Sun newspaper in the United States, cleaning expert James Elston said: "Using a cut lemon on taps is an excellent method for not only removing them but also infusing a delightful freshness to your kitchen."

Not only does this item save you money and leave your house smelling fresh, but it is also chemical-free, making it a perfect eco-friendly alternative to usual limescale removal products.

Breaking the routine down, he said: "Start by cutting a fresh lemon in half. Take one of the halves and rub the exposed flesh directly onto the surface.

"Make sure you cover the areas with hard water stains thoroughly. Allow the natural acidity of the lemon to work its magic.

"The citric acid interacts with the minerals present in hard water stains, making them more manageable to wipe away."

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For stubborn stains, he added: "You can leave the lemon juice on the affected area for a few minutes before wiping. This allows the citric acid to penetrate deeper, facilitating the removal of more persistent deposits."

The acidity of the lemon reacts with the minerals (limescale and more), helping to break them down and make the cleaning process much smoother.

A pack of lemons at Asda will set shoppers back a meagre 69p, meaning only 23p is spent per item to carry out this amazing life hack.