I am all out of platitudes and cosy little homilies about how good will win in the end.

The second terrorist attack in less than two weeks has left us reeling and, I am sure, not as safe as we used to feel.

Once again the monsters have attacked innocent people.

These are people going about their business – enjoying a night out, being in company with friends and/or family. They are not armed. They are not going to fight back. They are just there – easy pickings for a bunch of people who have absolutely no regard for human life or suffering.

You will see elsewhere in today’s paper that, at a dance festival in Maryport last week, balloons were let off in memory of a 17-year-old who used to come to Maryport as part of a North East dance school.

There were around 150 little dancers at last week’s festival. You just wonder what lies ahead for them? What future do our children have?

You are presumably reading this column on the same day as we woke up to the results of the General Election.

I don’t care what party is in government, I just hope it is a body of Parliamentarians who are going to start putting the world to rights as much as they can.

That means putting people before profit.

It is NOT okay to support countries based on what they can give us.

It is certainly NOT okay to sell arms to those who want to kill and maim and who are our enemies.

I read once how some of America’s wealthiest businesses, many of them Jewish, helped fund Hitler and his Nazi war machine.

Today that sounds absolutely shocking. But is it any different to what we are doing now?

Trump has just signed a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Britain earns £3bn a year from arms sales to some of the countries with the worst human records.

We sell to war mongers and then cry when war comes to our doorstep.

If I had the answers I wouldn’t be writing this column, I’d be at the United Nations or leading a country and extolling my solutions to the world.

What I do know, though, is that hate is not going to solve anything. Hate breeds hate just as much as love breeds love.

I heard an Iman being interviewed on BBC news this morning who was condemning the London attack. He said his mosque was open and he welcomed people to come and see what was being taught there.

Compare that to Fox News where a man was laughing – yes, laughing – because someone had described this as a terrorist van attack.

“Attack of the Terror Van,” he laughed.“Why don’t they call it what it is – an Islamic attack.”

Because it’s not. It’s an attack by evil, misguided, demented people who have been urged on and encouraged by people even more evil than themselves – by people who are not misguided but out to conquer the world through fear and hate.

And as long as people like the Fox news man rant on in ignorance, and the more we learn to hate and fear, the quicker their plan will work.

As long as we, through our governments, support the next beds of terror by providing arms and support in return for money and oil, the world will continue to turn on an axis of evil.

The politicians need to do what the ordinary people have been doing so well over the last fortnight. They must look to the people and see how, in the prayer of St Francis, “where there is hate, let me sow love”.

Having said that, I am not the person who has lost a loved one, so I don’t have the right to say anything at all.