You know when you are watching a sports match, it goes on too long and you are told to continue watching on another channel to make way for something like the news.

That’s a bit how I feel today. I feel not only that I have changed channels but actually am the channel that has changed.

That’s because by simply changing the page on which this and other columns appear, we are now being read (I hope) in Allerdale and Copeland.

So, welcome Whitehaven News readers. Hope you will stay with us!

I am not quite sure how to address you all. I am “foreign” and it was only when I got to this county nearly 17 years ago that I learned that “Jam Eaters” did not just refer to anyone around the world enjoying a breakfast of toast and jam.

But, 17 years later, I am still confused. The people on one side of the divide tell me that the Jam Eaters are from Whitehaven while the other side assures me it is Workington!

I also know it has something to do with mining which brings me to another point.

My dad was a copper miner and he didn’t eat jam sandwiches to my knowledge and, just to set out my stall, I have to admit that I prefer marmalade – and goodness knows what that makes me!

Actually, I know what it makes me – a woman of very firm convictions, a little tart and a little sweet and very easily swayed.

A friend of mine and I developed a system of “situational ethics.” That means you have strong, unwavering ethics but faced with the reality you can sway either way!

Not that it is just that easy. There is a litmus test and that involves Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Paul Newman left his wife and child and had an affair. That’s bad!

He married the “other woman” and they had a long and happy marriage until death did them part. So, affair bad. Meeting the love of your life good.

I came here from New Zealand. It’s nuclear-free. We didn’t even allow American boats into our port if they were carrying nuclear missiles or powered by nuclear fuel.

When I came for a job interview the editor asked what I thought about all the wind turbines between Maryport and Workington.

“I suppose it is better than nuclear, “ I declared, totally ignorant of where Sellafield was or, indeed, what it was.

So how do I feel about nuclear now? Well, that’s where situational ethics come in. In theory I am still against nuclear in principle - but principles have to take second place to people. Without our nuclear industry throughout the county would be faced with the same tragedies of unemployment and economic downturn as it did when the mines and steel works closed.

Ethics be damned! Bring on the power!