Readers have praised a Workington school for its positive Ofsted report.

Angela Quirk took up the post of Executive headteacher at Westfield School, Workington in January.

After just two months in the position, the school received a monitoring inspection all be it remotely, from Ofsted and received praise for the way it has handled the Covid-19 situation.

The inspectorate said: "Having considered all the evidence and taking into account the impact of Covid-19 on the school, I am of the opinion that at this time: Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances.

Angela’s appointment to the position is one of a number of changes to the staffing including two acting assistant headteachers’ being appointed, four teachers, one learning mentor and one administrator have also joined the school.

The inspectorate added: "At the beginning of this term, you ensured that systems were in place for children to continue their education remotely.

"Whether learning at home or in school pupils have accessed the same curriculum. You and the staff have been persistent in encouraging pupils and their families to engage with their learning at home.

"As a result, the vast majority of pupils accessed remote education daily and continued to learn effectively."

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

May Burrow was particularly please to see that a local school had gained a positive report.

She said: "Well done Westfield School.

"Keep up the good work."

Neil Schofield echoed May's reaction and was equally pleased to see the school benefitting from their recent efforts.

He said: "Great news, congratulations."

Mitchell Kerry Hayden was also happy to see that the school was improving, adding: "Pleased the school is getting better again."