Readers shared their views on how to deal with youth anti-social behaviour after two arrests were made and a dispersal order placed in two towns.

Allerdale police said on Saturday that a dispersal order had been imposed in the Moorclose and Westfield Drive areas of Workington, and in Maryport, after reports of youth anti-social behaviour.

Two people were arrested following the incidents.

Police said: "Please locate your kids before more receive criminal records."

A dispersal order was issued in Workington due to ongoing anti-social behaviour issues on November 2.

This followed an anti-social behaviour operation run in both Workington and Maryport, and a number of other dispersal orders placed.

In September, issues were raised to worrying levels when hooligans smashed a store in Workington town centre.

On the Times & Star Facebook page, readers shared their opinions on the issue.

John Hirst-Jeff said: "I'm sure no one ever dossed out playing knock and Nash etc when you were kids.

"If it's harmless fun just let them grow up and find their way in life. If it's criminal damage or assault arrest them. Don't condemn kids for growing up."

Linda McAllister wrote: "People complain that kids today spend too much time playing video games, when they do go out with their mates they still can’t win.

"If they’re vandalising, committing crimes etc., fair enough, but just for being with friends? What are they supposed to do?"

Nic Barnes posted: "Just arrest them all and give them all criminal records then bill the parents for any damage."