THE end of 'Plan B' coronavirus measures by the Government has been welcomed.

Plan B restrictions aimed at tackling the spread of Covid are to be dropped across England.

Boris Johnson told MPs in the House of Commons more than 90% of over-60s across the UK have now had booster vaccines to protect them, and scientists believed the Omicron wave has peaked.

People will no longer be told to work from home and, from Thursday next week when Plan B measures lapse, mandatory Covid passes will end, Mr Johnson said.

Dave Wild said: "There are some of us that recognise we only have 1 go around on this planet and we want to experience the joys of all it has to offer. Are there dangers? Of course, but you won't walk with the fear of being knocked down."

Paul Griffiths said: "It’s not the easing of restrictions that’s the problem, it’s the timing of the announcement.

"Purposely brought forward, a week, to deflect from the carnage Johnson and his faithful have created."

Matthew Murray said: "It’s ridiculous that these restrictions have gone on this long."

Jay Zaccarini said: "Not ridiculous at all, these restrictions were far too tough in the first place. We need to get on with our lives; the sooner the better.

"The damage it has done to peoples mental health, the economy and to businesses is often overlooked, just glad we didn’t listen to captain hindsight otherwise we’d still be in lockdown."

Neil Sansom said: "Whilst everyone is talking about Covid, they're not talking about Boris. Boris does what's good for Boris."

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson signalled his intention to start treating Covid more like flu, saying: "There will soon come a time when we can remove the legal requirement to self-isolate altogether, just as we don't place legal obligations on people to isolate if they have flu."