A Bothel man who only took up golf once he had retired is the new captain of the Bank Enders team at Maryport Golf Club.

Ken Nelson will be captain for the first time and is looking forward to the role since he discovered an unexpected love for the sport after retiring from his job as a driving instructor.

He said: "It's a thing you appreciate and I'm looking forward to it.

"I've been in the club for four or five years.

"I got into golf once I retired.

"Thirty-odd years ago I bought a set of clubs and I think I lasted about three months before I decided it was a waste of a good walk and they were thrown to the back of the cupboard.

"Once I retired I was talking to a guy from the club and he told me to bring my clubs down and have a go.

"I've got the concentration for it now but back then I was running and playing squash.

"We've got a committee that organises matches home and away against clubs like Cockermouth, Workington, St Bees and Carlisle."