Workington’s Station Road B complemented their Window Outlet Cockermouth and District Snooker League division one title this week with an excellent 4-1 top four play-off final win over Workington Conservative Club.

The first frame saw Cons’ Richard McCarthy take a break of 26 to see off Mark Tunstall for a 60-17 victory to put the Cons outfit 1-0 up.

Frame two saw Station Road’s Tony Elliott romp to what ended up being a comfortable 72-13 win over Dave Holland.

A confident Peter O’Hagan moved ahead in the early stages of frame three as the Station B player looked to give his side the lead for the first time in the match against Julian Plaza. With a fine pot he secured the frame 63-44 for a 2-1 Station B lead.

The fourth frame will be remembered as the turning point as Cons Alan Moore controlled the game with Station B’s Shaun Ayre hanging in. With just the blue, pink and black remaining, Moore needed just two balls.

After potting the blue he then missed the pink leaving Ayre a very difficult shot but with an incredible pot to the top corner, with the easy black to follow, the Station B cueist claimed the win 58-54. in the most dramatic of circumstances. An Alan McLeod 65-30 victory over Cons’ Mike Park, wrapped up the win.