The Cumbria Cricket League is ready to abandon the 2020 season which is due to start on Saturday, April 18.

After a management committee meeting on Thursday, clubs have been asked to consider their proposals for dealing with the coronavirus-hit season.

The management committee’s recommendations were based on advice from the English Cricket Board (ECB).

Afterwards a statement said: “These are unprecedented times we are experiencing, certainly in our lifetimes.

“As people have already intimated, everyone’s health and wellbeing is the priority for the next two to three months at least.

“The management committee have been asked for their opinions which have been gathered and contact has been made with representatives from the Northern League.

“Taking into consideration the ECB advice and the general consensus of the management committee, we propose the following:

n The 2020 season will be abandoned in its regular state.

n There will be no promotion and relegation from season 2020.

n Season 2021 will start as set up for 2020.

n Handbooks will not be produced.

n Clubs, if not already, should take appropriate action in respect of overseas players.”

A number of clubs have signed professionals from overseas – particularly Sri Lanka and Pakistan – and the commitee said it was hoped that there could still be some type of cricket played later on in the year, with a suggestion that that could be in July.

The statement continued: "However, as this virus isn’t easy to predict and we seem to be at least three or four months behind China, it could even be August.

"The management committee will look at how this can be developed further down the line when the full impact of the virus has been borne.

"If any clubs need help and support the management team say they are always prepared to advise."

The management’s recommendations will need a majority backing from the clubs but that is not expected to be a problem and would mean that Carlisle were unable to defend their Premier Division title this year, while Haverigg and Whitehaven seconds would also be left waiting for a title defence after they won Divisions One and Two respectively.

The statement ended: “We are sure the indomitable Cumbrian spirit will be in plenty of supply as we band together to support each other through this trying time.

"We hope you and your families stay safe.”