Workington Reds manager Danny Grainger said the club "can't worry" about the disappointment of The FA's announcement that their season will pause during the second national lockdown.

There was an air of history repeating itself for the club as they were once again in a good position in the league table before the season ground to a halt, but Grainger vowed to focus on when they can get back to playing.

Reacting to the frustrating news, Grainger said: “We can’t worry about anything that’s out of our control.

“It’s really disappointing, especially because in my eyes we still have a safe environment we can play in.”

However, he added that the club would rather take the month-long hit than play without the support of fans at Borough Park.

“We couldn’t survive without fans," he said. "We don’t want to play without the fans. We don’t want to play behind closed doors.

“Fingers crossed it’s only a month.

"We’re expecting to play in December.

“They’ll all be sent individual programmes and there’s going to be plenty for them to do moving forward.”

Workington completed their final training session together before lockdown on Tuesday.

Chairman Les Byers added: “Everyone at the club is naturally very disappointed that the latest lockdown means that games are on hold until at least early December, and perhaps longer, particularly as the team is doing so well on the pitch.”

The first lockdown saw Reds launch a fundraising appeal to survive over the course of summer without ticket sales.

“The financial impact will depend how long it is before we return to Borough Park," Byers said.

He added that health and safety was the priority.