A SUPERMOTO rider has bounced back from a difficult year, finishing at the head of the pack in a national championship.

Chris Hodgson of Maryport was victorious in the British Supermoto Championship which concluded on December 6.

It was a relief to round-off the year with a win after breaking his collarbone and having his bike stolen in the last 12 months.

“It’s been stressful as anything this year” said Hodgson, 33.

On the positive side, Hodgson is fortunate to compete in a sport that has not been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We got quite lucky with race time.”

The rocky year of competing came after a year’s hiatus from the sport.

“I had 12 months out as well, I just got a bit disillusioned with it and took a break.”

After returning to competition this year, Hodgson has rediscovered his passion for the sport.

“I’ve got the bug back.”

He returns to a sport that he is seasoned in.

“I’ve been doing it for about 15 years now. I rode motocross when I was six years old and went into supermoto at 17. I grew up around bikes.”

Hodgson is following in his father’s footsteps who used to compete.

“It was something that he got me into.”

The Maryport supermoto rider is teaching the next generation of riders, having set up a training school.

Hodgson travels around the country hosting workshops at circuits. They are accessible to all ages and abilities.

“I was really nervous when I did the first one.”

But his efforts have paid off: “They were a hit last year.”

Hodgson is thankful for the sport: “I’ve travelled everywhere with it, it’s given me a fantastic life. I could be going to Vegas in April for a race.”