The trial trail season got under way on March 30 at Oulton where 24 pups took to a testing trail as many won’t have seen many fields, jumps and road crossings.

Coming up the finish, Alan Blacklock’s Busy Lady had the advantage over Martin and Molly Burrow and Joanna Satterthwaite’s Thorn Bell and Colin Satterthwaite’s Thorn Pop.

In the seniors, Caroline Graham and Denis Reay’s Hunter’s Flame took the spoils over Martin, Molly and Joanne’s Thorn Rose with Reg Smith’s Acorn in third.

Les Reid won the all in ahead of Insider and Thorn Fire.

Thursday saw a trip to the picturesque setting of Buttermere where Denise Bland’s Huntsman’s Quantum took the spoils ahead of Keith Lynch and Darren McMaster’s Cautions with Denise’s Jenny’s Lilly in third place.

Senior’s saw Reg Smith Acorn take the spoils ahead of Denise’s Jenny’s Quest and Trinket.

Saturday saw first of two meets over the Easter bank holiday at Low Place Eskdale where the Steele Family were highly delighted as they took a 1, 2, 3 in the pups as Miterdale Honesty beat in kennel mates Miterdale Dusk and Miterdale Loyalty.

Reg Smith took the seniors with Acorn ahead of the Steele family pair Miterdale Duchess and Miterdale Favour the all in was won by Ian Donaldson’s Miterdale Steele ahead of Copperfield and Miterdale Rusty.

Sunday saw a return to Oulton where Alan’s Busy Lady narrowly got the verdict ahead of Nicola and Darren McMaster’s Maggie with James and Ava McClellan’s Duchess Ava in third.

Caroline and Denis’s Hunter’s Flame got the double at the venue ahead of Graham Reid’s Our Man Mike and Jenny Horn’s Spring Music.

The all in saw Liz repeat her victory for Les ahead of Spring Melody and Forlorn Spring.

Monday saw a return to Low Place where there was a close finish in the pups with the verdict going to The Steele Family’s Miterdale Honesty ahead of Ian Donaldson’s Huntsman’s Quartz with Miterdale Dusk in third.

Red Smith’s Acorn took her third win of the weekend ahead of Ian’s Miterdale Steel and Katie Steele’s Red Mist. The all in saw Miterdale Rusty beat home Lillian and Superstar.


April 8, Oulton, 6pm, P, H, AI

April 10, Low Place, 3pm, P, H, AI

April 11, Grassings, 1pm, P, H, AI

April 13, Grassing, 6.30pm, P, H, AI

April 17, Grassings, 6pm P, H, AI


April 5 - Low Place

Pups - 1st - Miterdale Honesty, 2nd - Huntsman’s Quake, 3rd - Miterdale Dusk 9 Ran Time 13.21

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd - Miterdale Steel, 3rd - Red Mist 17 Ran Time 12.02

All In - 1st - Miterdale Rusty, 2nd - Lillian, 3rd – Superstar 8 Ran Time 13.13

April 4 - Oulton

Pups - 1st - Busy Lady, 2nd - Maggie, 3rd - Duchess Ava 26 Ran Time 7.18

Hounds - 1st - Hunter’s Flame, 2nd - Our Man Mike, 3rd - Spring Music 18 Ran Time 7.06

All In - 1st - Liz, 2nd - Spring Melody, 3rd - Forlorn Spring 12 Ran Time 7.10

April 3 - Low Place

Pups - 1st - Miterdale Honesty, 2nd - Miterdale Dusk, 3rd - Miterdale Loyalty 9 Ran Time 13.48

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd - Miterdale Duchess, 3rd - Miterdale Favour 14 Ran Time 12.20

All In - 1st - Miterdale Steel, 2nd - Copperfield, 3rd - Miterdale Rusty 12 Ran Time 13.02

April 1 - Buttermere

Pups - 1st - Huntsman’s Quantum, 2nd - Cautious, 3rd - Jenny’s Lilly 14 Ran Time 9.43

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd - Jenny’s Quest, 3rd – Trinket 24 Ran Time 8.27

March 30 - Oulton

Pups - 1st - Busy Lady, 2nd - Thorn Bell, 3rd - Thorn Pop 24 Ran Time 7.12

Hounds - 1st - Hunter’s Flame, 2nd - Thorn Rose, 3rd – Acorn 22 Ran Time 7.06

All In - 1st - Liz, 2nd - Insider, 3rd - Thorn Fire 10 Ran Time 7.20